The Hyperledger Consortium is at the forefront of Blockchain development and adoption across the industry. Get your Blockchain application developed on Hyperledger Fabric or Hyperledger Sawtooth with our experienced team.
Eradicating the autonomy in the Blockchain ecosystem, Hyperledger Fabric has become a global standard for organisations looking to unleash the powers of Blockchain in their respective use case. The dominance of Hyperledger Fabric in the world of Blockchain is the result of its resilience and appropriateness irrespective of the use case.

This essentially means that whatever your requirement is, Hyperledger Fabric is capable of fulfilling that requirement in the best possible way. Whether it is supply chain, healthcare, land records, trade finance, IoT-based use case, energy, vehicle management, research, government, media or any other use case, the inclusion of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain platform assures not only optimization but unmatched enhancements to the existing system.

However, the appropriateness of Hyperledger Fabric needs to be well-thought. Every coin has two sides and while Hyperledger Fabric is the best Blockchain platform for any use case, it requires extensive experience to identify the most suitable infrastructure of Hyperledger Fabric that will ensure the perfect integration of Blockchain with your use case. This is where the team at WikiDLT comes into play with their experience.

Hyperledger Services

We provide a comprehensive service that can accommodate any business requirement related to Hyperledger consortium.

Hyperledger Fabric development

Hyperledger Fabric is one of the most popular private blockchain platforms for developing decentralized applications.

Hyperledger consultation

Confused about the appropriateness of a Hyperledger platform? We are here to assist you

Chaincode development

Our backend developers, adept in the Go programming language, can develop optimized chaincodes for your application.

Maintenance & Support

We offer remarkable maintenance and support for our clients ensuring that the application runs smoothly and efficiently.


Our team of in-house DevOps experts is highly capable of performing seamless deployment of Hyperledger applications

Architecture design

We define the complete architecture of the application to be built on Hyperledger including backend, frontend, and deployment.

Frameworks We Works On

Although we work on all of the Hyperledger platforms, we have worked extensively in these frameworks to develop decentralized applications for industries such as IoT, supply chain, and asset registration.

Blockchain Development Using Fabric

Using Fabric, we can create permissioned networks for enterprises. Development consists of configuring MSPs, Identification of Peers, ChainCodes(Smart contracts) implementing the business logic and network architecture. We deploy the application on AWS, IBM or on-premise.

Sawtooth Development

Sawtooth is ideal for IoT and hybrid applications. We can convert your IoT idea into reality with a robust product developed in SAWTOOTH. Sawtooth is focused on performance, security and scalability. Easily create, manage and terminate blockchains with the Sawtooth.

Features of Hyperledger

Hyperledger has been initiated by the Linux Foundation and is one of the earliest projects in its space. The unique features of Hyperledger make it perfect for almost all use-cases.



Blockchain is an immutable ledger which means that once a transaction has been committed to the ledger, it can never be changed. It can be modified but the modification will be saved in the form of a new transaction onto the ledger which will be linked to the previous transaction bringing us to the next feature.



By maintaining a history of all changes in a transaction, blockchain enables complete auditability for any type of transaction. This feature has extended the reach of blockchain to the financial sector and allows blockchain applications to be used in various sectors such as banking and insurance.



Traditional databases are susceptible to several cyber attacks. Moreover, they save data at a centralised location that has to be periodically backed up. Blockchain has eradicated such dependencies. By bringing decentralisation, blockchain applications use distributed ledger which removes the dependency on any one ledger and therefore there is no extra infrastructure need.

Projects we work on

Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know, future projects decide what we will learn.

Supply chain

The supply chain is a complex network of tracking goods across various parties. We have developed supply chain solutions for various products on top of the Hyperledger Fabric platform. We define the chaincodes or smart contracts according to the requirements of the project. We have deployed such applications on different cloud providers such as AWS and Azure.


Internet of things is one of the most revolutionary concepts of the 21st century. The amalgamation of IoT with Blockchain is even more powerful than any of them individually. We have developed Hypeledger Fabric-based applications to securely store the IoT data for complete authorization and verification. The use-cases implemented by us include tracking and tracing seeds, recording seismic activities, and monitoring climate activities.

Tools & Technologies