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Data has unquestionable prominence in various business operations. Whether it is to build a strategy from analysis, identify the performance, or to save customer details and critical information of the organisation, storing and managing the data in an advanced way has become the utmost priority which is being fulfilled by blockchain.

Rolled out in midst of the economic depression of 2008, blockchain has revolutionized the way we manage our data. With advanced cryptographic measures, unblemished access control, and comprehensive trust and transparency, blockchain has become the new normal of the modern data-centric world. Continue reading to get a deeper insight into what blockchain is, how it works, what are the major blockchain development platforms, and how the blockchain development services of WikiDLT can optimize your business

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Features of Blockchain

The features of blockchain are what makes it truly revolutionary. While it is not possible to list all features, we have listed the most prominent features that make blockchain the talk of every headline.



Blockchain is an immutable ledger which means that once a transaction has been committed to the ledger, it can never be changed. It can be modified but the modification will be saved in the form of a new transaction onto the ledger which will be linked to the previous transaction bringing us to the next feature.



By maintaining a history of all changes in a transaction, blockchain enables complete auditability for any type of transaction. This feature has extended the reach of blockchain to the financial sector and allows blockchain applications to be used in various sectors such as banking and insurance.



Traditional databases are susceptible to several cyber attacks. Moreover, they save data at a centralised location that has to be periodically backed up. Blockchain has eradicated such dependencies. By bringing decentralisation, blockchain applications use distributed ledger which removes the dependency on any one ledger and therefore there is no extra infrastructure need.

Platforms we work on

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Corda blockchain platform

Corda is one of the most prominent blockchain platforms in the world. It is specifically built to target the current financial model. Corda is perfect for financial enterprise-grade application. Having a team of 10 Corda certified developers and a rich expertise in developing robust financial applications, WikiDLT is a leader in Corda blockchain application development. Trade finance, Money market, and Intraday are just the tip of the iceberg that we have expertise in.

Hyperledger blockchain consortium

Hyperledger is a project by the Linux Foundation which supports cross-industry blockchain development. Major leaders in the information and technology sector like IBM have come together to develop unprecedented blockchain applications that can be used by other companies. The different blockchains in the hyperledger consortium are Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Burrow, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Iroha, and more.

Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after bitcoin. In a concept of flippening, it is believed that ethereum will replace bitcoin as the king of the crypto world. Ethereum is the most preferred platform for blockchain application development. It’s smart contract language - solidity has added to its growing popularity. Ethereum is widely used for the development of blockchain applications. Decentralized applications or dapps have become a separate domain.

EOS blockchain

EOS is another smart contract platform that can be leveraged to make dapps. It uses C++ language to develop smart contracts that are run on the EOS blockchain.

Hedera Hashgraph blockchain platform

Hedera is a prominent public blockchain platform. It is not essentially a blockchain but a distributed ledger technology which has a graph-like structure. This structure is used to link all nodes on a blockchain network to achieve a more robust consensus and decentralization. With its support to create decentralized applications on top of a blockchain, you can leverage hedera to create your own private blockchain network and enjoy its powers.

Algorand PPoS blockchain

Algorand is the next generation of blockchain with a new consensus mechanism. Pure proof of stake consensus in Algorand is believed to be a superior consensus mechanism. It has a two-step process where it ensures that the data of an individual user is never exposed to the outer world. At the same time, Algorand offers the eradication of 51% attack on a blockchain along with super-fast transactions and no possibility of soft forks.

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ICO Development & Launch

With our unmatched experience in Blockchain, we can provide stable and optimized ICO development solutions, which will be tailor-made as per your requirements.

DApp Development

With our excellence in Decentralized Application (DApp), we can provide you with highly programmable & multifunctional platforms, along with peer-to-peer transparency, higher resilience, and foolproof code.

Smart Contract Development

In this fast progressing world of cryptocurrencies, our experts strive to offer you secure and audited smart contracts which can facilitate you to do the proper verifications of a contract.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Our experts in Distributed Ledger Technology help you to provide a strategic direction for all your Blockchain related activities. With DLT as an enterprise compute layer, there can be trust for value and the information transactions which are made online.


We believe in iterating and thus keep working on a prototype or a Minimum Viable Product using Agile project management which helps in achieving the useable product as soon as possible and making it business ready with each R&D iteration.

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With our White Papers, our team can be help you to attract potential investors for your business, associated with your domain. Our team assists you to reach the pinnacles of success by writing effective White Papers, focusing on the clients’ expectations.

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