Artificial Intelligence

Reinvest the way in which you run your business processes and accelerate the automation at a lightning pace with our services of Artificial Intelligence. We are innovatively passionate about building AI-powered products that can address real-world business problems. watch, alarm clock, home devices, surrounding objects with) become smart and behave alive through sensing, computing and communicating by embedded small devices which interact with remote objects or persons through connectivity.
Being the technical partner of R3 and recognising the advantages of Corda in financial organisations, we have been assisting our customers in the adoption of corda blockchain platform for a robust product. With highly scalable, secure and transparent Corda Blockchain applications consisting of a peer-to-peer transaction model, our team of certified Corda developers has demonstrated how R3’s Corda blockchain platform can be leveraged for a custom blockchain solution catering to the needs of the customer. Through our Corda blockchain development services, we aim to provide easy integration of blockchain technology in your business.

The pluggable consensus feature of Corda grants us the luxury of implementing a consensus algorithm based solely on your requirement and a UTXO model enabling a better transaction throughput by using parallel inputs leading to a better network’s potential transaction-per-second. To ensure an indelible relation with our client we focus on providing the most efficient and up-to-the-minute features enhancing the performance in every aspect.

Our Articial Intelligence Services

We develop interoperable Corda distributed applications that are compatible with Corda and Corda Enterprise. Our developers implement corDapp’s core components like contracts, states, and flows for efficient DApp development. They meet business requirements by exploring Corda’s interoperable blockchain networks, direct transactions, and strict privacy considerations

Machine Learning

Our machine learning services will provide you with the ability to automatically learn and improve from data and experiences. Machine learning will enable faster decision making, business process automation, increased productivity and fast anomaly detection.

Natural Language Processing

With the services of Natural Language Processing (NLP), get the benefits of new business functions like chatbots and question answering system that will help you to compliance monitoring and Business Intelligence along with data acquisition and analytics.

Python Development

Our services for Python Development will help you acquire the benefits of this highly dynamic language to enhance the business performance. Being an ideal platform for business intelligence software and Big Data analysis, Python is the first choice for the businesses these days.

Projects we work on

Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know, future projects decide what we will learn.

Introduction : Client wanted to extract meaningful information from the raw text data they had in there system.Solution : We took bare text files with raw data generated by COBOL. We then converted that data to formatted excel files. That data was further processed as it had non-descriptive language. A proper human readable description was formed.
Challenges: The data were raw text files. Learning intent of every short form fed to COBOL according to the sentence was a challenge since there could be multiple meanings for the same abbreviation. Then there needed the mappings for the old data to the new. It was a challenge in itself as there were very loose links since it were bare text files.
Tool & Technologies: Python, Machine Learning, Scikit-learn and Pandas.
Introduction: The client wanted to add a virtual assistant for the consumers whenever the help desk wasn’t available or busy.
Solution: The collection tanker will bring the effluent to the effluent treatment plant for treatment of the discharged chemical.GPS in the tanker will ensure that vehicle stays within the preset geo-fenced area and volume sensor on the collection tank will ensure that volume of the collected effluent stays intact until it is disposed off at the treatment plant only. Any changes in the route or volume of effluent in collection tanker will set off alarms at the back end.
Challenges: Human Languages and their scope is very vast. Learning intent of every sentence which a consumer uses was a challenge, since there could be multiple meanings for the same sentences based on different scenarios. Then the intents had to be understood and the Chat Bot had to respond perfectly according to the situation, so that the consumer is satisfied.
Tool & Technologies: Python, Dialogflow, Machine Learning, NLP, NodeJS
Introduction: An application enabling automated car parking ticketing. Entry, Exit, Billing and Space Allocation, everything is automated.
Solution: A true example of what IoT(Internet of Things) can enable with the help of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Detects vehicles, extracts their plate number and bill them on the basis of time they spent in parking lot. PoC done on Raspberry Pi before actual deployment on the real site.
Challenges: The plate designs, colors and shapes are not the same for every vehicle. The ambience is constantly changing given the open environment. It was a real challenge to train the program to cover as much information as it could. It was trained during the day, noon and night to cover the ambiences with different plate designs, fonts etc. until perfection. On matching factor lower than acceptable, tesseract was used as helping tool for more precision.
Tool & Technologies: Python, OpenCV, scikit-image, ImageMagicks

Tools & Technologies