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Become a part of a decentralised and transparent community with our Blockchain development services. We provide a host of offerings to assist you in the adoption, integration, and realization of blockchain networks which can open new doors for your business.

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Blockchain POC

We can develop a quick Proof of Concept to bring your ideas into reality by giving them a shape


Blockchain development

Unleash the true powers of Blockchain in your business with our Blockchain development services


Blockchain consultation

We can assist you in defining the appropriateness of Blockchain for your specific use-case


IoT and AI

We implement and integrate cutting-edge technologies to develop the most futuristic solution for your requirements


Decentralised Applications

Explore the world of Dapps and DeFi with our Blockchain experts and be at the forefront of this revolution


Tools & Technologies

Our Projects

Take a look under the hood and see the awesome things we develop!

Trade Finance

 Develop a payment network on the Corda Blockchain to accommodate large trade volumes(billions).
Tools & Technologies:

Python, OpenCV, scikit-image, ImageMagicks

Money Market

 Define robust architecture with the highest security. Design the infrastructure and most appropriate tech stack for the application Product management
Tools & Technologies:

R3 Corda Blockchain, Corda Settler, AngularJS, NodeJS, Java

Supply Chain

The supply chain solution was created on the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform with 4 organisations and deployed on AWS.
Tools & Technologies:

Python, Machine Learning, Scikit-learn and Pandas.

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Certified, experienced, and responsible. That’s the team you get at WikiDLT. We have been working extensively in the Blockchain space to deliver innovative first-in-segment products and integrate Blockchain in domains such as Trade Finance, Money Market, Supply Chain, Tokenization, Decentralised Finance, and much more.

Blockchain development

Get your product developed by WikiDLT and explore the powers of the new Internet.

Blockchain consulting

Understand how the powers of Blockchain can transform your business. Reach out today.

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